Ten Strategies for Getting into a State of Flow

Excerpt from the forthcoming Evolutionary Coaching (May 2014)

This raises an important question: How do you consciously get and stay in a state of flow? The answer is you don’t. You cannot consciously move into flow, because flow is a gift from the soul that occurs when you surrender to your soul’s desires. Although you can’t switch flow on, you can encourage it by consciously committing yourself to your soul’s purpose and then attempting to implement as many of the following strategies as you can.

  •  Become unbelievably adaptive.
  • Surrender to the process.
  • Never trick yourself into believing you have the best answer.
  • Be at ease with what is.
  • Focus on what is in front of you.
  • Be at ease with uncertainty.
  • Try to include everything.
  • Consider the whole system.
  • Stick to your values.
  • Follow your passion.

 Become unbelievably adaptive: Let go of any idea of the way things have to be. These are just your assumptions. Whatever wants to emerge and energetically feels right is the right thing to do. Focus on what you have energy for, and let go of anything that does not spark your juices. Go with your inspiration. The most successful people and companies are unbelievably adaptive. They are not attached to their idea of how things have to be. These people have self-transforming minds. They are constantly reinterpreting reality. The map of the world they use for meaning-making is always a work in progress.

Surrender to the process: This is hard at the beginning, especially when it means letting go of things that you identify with. I have let go of relationships, homes, and even being CEO of my own company. Letting go is a hard thing to do. In many situations it is only by letting go do that you find the freedom to do what you need to do. You have to surrender to your soul if you want to fulfill your destiny and experience fulfillment. In this situation, surrender does not represent defeat. It represents growth and most importantly, victory over fear.

Never trick yourself into believing you have the best answer: Forget everything you think you know. It just serves to block your intuition and inspiration. It stops the emergence of new ideas. Knowledge is a two-edged sword. It can be amazingly brilliant at helping you solve problems, and it can be amazingly obstructive in enabling you to think out of the box. What you think you know is a filter you apply to your experience. Always challenge your assumptions/beliefs. I frequently remind myself and even state it in front of others that I don’t know anything. I do this so I can stay open. I know that only when the cup is empty can it be filled. Only when you become a void can you be a channel for things to flow through you.

Be at ease with what is: You always give everything that happens in your life all the meaning it has for you. I know it is hard to believe that everything that happens is neutral. It may feel right or wrong or good or bad, but, from the quantum perspective (a place without judgement), it is what it is. It is nothing other than an event or a situation. As long as you know this, and remind yourself of it, then you are free to examine your feelings and emotions from a place of neutrality. By not judging, you allow the meaning of the event to unfold. So often, I have found that what felt like something bad when it happened, turned out to be something really good. Holding off on your judgement allows you to see through the eyes of wisdom.

Focus on what is in front of you: Do not get distracted from your purpose. When you reach the higher stages of development, you will become recognised as an “influential” person. You will be “someone”. People will want your attention: They will want to enlist your support in their endeavours. This can be a trap for your ego. If you become too distracted, you will lose your way. You must keep your energies focused on your soul purpose and your next immediate priority while allowing yourself quiet time for reflection or meditation so inspiration can flow. Don’t seek the limelight. Choose your friends carefully. Don’t get railroaded into projects that don’t get your juices flowing. Learn to say no. You will know where to put your energies if you allow yourself to be guided by the inspiration of your soul.

Be at ease with uncertainty: Sometimes, the best answer to what seems like a problematic situation is to do nothing. Just standing back and letting the situation unfold with the energies that are driving it can be the perfect thing to do. Allowing things to fall apart can on some occasions be a positive strategy. At other times, intervening in a situation is totally the right thing to do. Knowing whether to intervene or not is a valuable skill that relies on intuition and inspiration. This means there will be times when you consciously decide to live with uncertainty. Being able to stay in a place of uncertainty is impossible if your ego is hanging on to fear. The urge to control what is happening is how the ego creates certainty. To live with uncertainty means detaching from your need to get to an outcome.

Try to include everything: Be incredibly curious. Never stop asking questions. Whenever you are considering ways to solve a problem, always bring into the picture everything that is related in some way, even if the relationship at first appears tenuous. Include the whole system in your inquiry. This is when patterns appear. Unseen patterns are behind everything. You will not be able to find them unless you engage in constant inquiry. Enlist your intuition and inspiration in your search for the truth.

Consider the whole system: Always stay in touch with the big picture. Whatever is going on and whatever issues present, ask yourself: “What are the needs of the whole system?” It is so easy to get stuck in trying to resolve a situation when the situation you are trying to resolve is a symptom of a larger problem. There is always a bigger picture to everything. Everything exists in a framework, and every framework exists inside another framework. There is nothing in our physical world that does not exist within multiple frameworks. What frameworks are you operating in?

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