Conference on work and spirituality at the University of Laussane-don’t miss it!

Looks like a great three-day program.


Work occupies a central place in our society and in the lives of all working people. It is vital in both the literal and figurative senses.

When the focus is exclusively on growth and profit at any cost, this gradually leads to denial of human complexity and meaning.
This is why work suffers from an overall negative image and from stubborn prejudices that tarnish it.
The present tendencies at the levels of ethics and economics, illustrated by inappropriate work practices that too often lead to depression or even suicide, are the cause of increasing indignation in the population, but also of realizations that it is becoming urgent to change course.

If the destructive aspects are quite widely reported, this is not true for the positive and constructive aspects of work.

Yet knowledge about this subject is progressing, but still remains in the shadows.
Discoveries about the brain, its functioning, its architecture, and neuronal plasticity, are very important and offer encouraging perspectives, particularly for stress management and for mental control. And thirst for values and meaning in connection with work is growing.

The objectives of the Conference may be described in this way:

  • To build a reflexion from very different viewpoints such as the impact of the medical discoveries (neuroscience), among others, on stress-reduction of managers.
  • To evaluate the impact of the so called “spiritual” and “lay” values emerging nowadays (independent from religions) on managers, decision-makers, and leaders in various fields, linked to the need of meaning, ethics, respect of the person…

This is why it is aimed at the leaders, businessmen, human resource managers, politicians, social partners, scientists, health care professionals, students, journalists, consultants and all people open to these questions. Click here to find out more.


LaussaneI was invited to speak and fully intended going, but they decided to do it on the week I am getting married!