A New Psychology of Human Well-being published in August 2016

Richard Barrett is one of the most profound integrative thinkers of our day. With A New Psychology of Human Well-Being he has taken his and our journey, a step further. Bringing together numerous strands of research and theory with his visionary perspective he succeeds in “building a theory of human well-being that unites psychology with spirituality and science”. Ruth N. Steinholtz, Founder, AretéWork LLP.

This inspired and highly comprehensive work is a must read for anyone sincerely interested in advancing not only their understanding, but also their awareness of their inner nature. Ron Hulnick, Ph.D, President, University of Santa Monica, and co-author of
Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology

Richard’s brilliant book redefines the meaning of well-being for the 21st century. A must read! Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Money.

This ground-breaking work provides the keys to the kingdom wherein lies true self-realization. Sandra de Castro Buffington, Founding Director, Global Media Centre for
Social Impact, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

A brilliant synthesis of the psychology of the future. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.


 The Metrics of Human Consciousness published in 2015

At the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) we have been using Richard Barrett’s models and tools to support leaders in measuring and transforming their cultures for almost two decades. The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used by banks, hospitals, mining companies, governments, manufacturers, IT organizations, schools, communities and nations. Organizations from all sectors of industry and society are discovering the transformational power of cultural measurement, focussed dialogue and targeted action. When leaders apply their hearts and minds to this work, we see happier and more engaged employees, which result in more productive, creative and successful organisations. The Metrics of Human Consciousness shows us why the measurement of consciousness matters; our experience at the BVC shows us this approach works. Phil Clothier, CEO, Barrett Values Centre

Evolutionary Coaching published in 2014.

No matter what type of coach you are, if you are concerned with the healthy psychological growth of your clients, this is a book you should read. It is not about coaching per se, it is about the framework of human development that coaches need to be familiar with in order to facilitate the full emergence of their client’s potential; not just helping people become more proficient at what they do, but helping them participate in their own evolution, the evolution of their organisations; the evolution of our global society and the evolution of our species.


The Values-driven Organisation available in English, German, Spanish,  Portuguese (Brazil) and French

Based on significant new research from multiple sources, Richard Barrett creates a compelling narrative about why values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet. According to Barrett, understanding employees’ needs—what people value—is the key to creating a high performing organization. When you support employees in satisfying their needs, they respond with high levels of employee engagement—they willingly bring their commitment and creativity to their work.

What my soul told me

What My Soul Told Me was published in 2012.

This book provides a practical step-by-step guide to soul activation. This four step process involves connecting with your soul, befriending your soul, trusting your soul and becoming one with your soul.  You are a soul in a human body. Your ego is unaware that this is who you are. To fully step into soul consciousness, you must learn how to align the beliefs of your ego with the values of your soul, and fully commit to leading a values-driven and purpose-driven life. The ultimate arbiter of where you have got to on your journey into soul consciousness is the quality of the connections you have with other people—not just your family, friends and acquaintances, but the strangers who serve you in restaurants; those who mend your plumbing and your shoes; those who maintain your gardens and deliver your groceries; and, those who drive you in taxis and punch your tickets on trains.

LFDN Final

Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations was published in 2011

Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations provides a historical perspective on the impact of the evolution of human consciousness on world affairs. Part I identifies the underlying patterns that have guided the evolution of individual human consciousness and group (societal) consciousness over the past 10,000 years, and the impact this evolution has had on the quality of governance and level of democracy currently being experienced in nations around the world. Part II describes in detail the seven values that are required to create a high-trust democracy-the journey from freedom to trust. Part III explores the impact that the future evolution of consciousness will have on world affairs at the national, regional and global level.

TNLPPortuguese Version

The New Leadership Paradigm available in English and Portuguese (Brazil)

A first class summary of how to take the leap into a new paradigm of being and lead with grace, love and intuitive insight. This book builds on all the great leadership writers combining intelligent research, first hand results and spiritual depth of understanding. These transformational tools are practical and get right to the core of individuals providing self knowledge, understanding and self acceptance. A central theme of the book is that businesses don’t transform people do and once you grasp this important message along with raising your own consciousness, you begin to appreciate what keeps businesses stuck and why engagement levels are so appalling these days. We begin to grasp that once we’re aligned with our own value system we’re capable of leading with character as well as competence, building real cohesion and trust in ourselves. We then become the authentic leaders businesses and societies need that build trust and once we map personal and structural alignment of an organisation and provide the environment for teams to grow together there is nothing we are incapable of achieving. This book gets to the very heart of all the world’s problems and provides a response that allows people to be whole, balanced and unstoppable then think in a holistic way to make the critical difference. – Kath Roberts

With relentless clarity and profound wisdom, Barrett lays out the most comprehensive leadership development process that has ever been presented in this field. The New Leadership Paradigm is a book of monumental importance. – Niran Jang

The seminal and revolutionary insights of the New Leadership Paradigm capture the essence of the kind of leadership the world needs today. This book is packed with wisdom and clarity on what vision-led, values-driven leadership is about. – Shirley Zinn


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