Donald Trump’s values and why he has a large following

One of my more popular blogs. Time to revisit it.

Richard Barrett

In 2010 I read Donald Trump’s book on leadership entitled Think Big: Make it Happen in Business and Life.1[i] This is not something I would normally have done, but I was carrying out research for my own book on leadership—The New Leadership Paradigm[ii]—and wanted to read a broad range of books by well-known leaders. The question on my mind was “What is leadership really about?” What I discovered is there is no consensus on what leadership is about and that people write about leadership from the levels of consciousness at which they operate. What they write about is what they value, and what they value reflects their needs.

So when Donald Trump writes a book on leadership, the content of his book is a reflection of Donald Trump’s consciousness. Those who respect and admire Donald Trump’s values will buy his books because they resonate with…

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