The message from Brexit: Democracy is broken because the elites rule

shutterstock_398757127So the leave voters won. If you wanted to stay, like me, you will probably be feeling sad, disappointed and may even be feeling fearful about the future of our young people. Let me offer a word of comfort. Viewed through the prism of evolution, I believe this is a temporary setback—a blip in the evolution of human consciousness that will self-correct at some time in the future. The question is when?

First, there was no European Community, and we were all fighting each other, repeatedly. Then there was a European Community (Common Market) and most of the fighting stopped. Sometime after that, we chose to be in. Now we have chosen to be out. Next … wait for it … we will choose to be in again. It is inevitable.

Why do I believe it is inevitable? Because that is what billions of years of evolution is telling me. Evolution has always been messy, but always adaptive and always predictable: always evolving towards entities and structures that are more inclusive and display more expanded levels of consciousness. Let me explain.

First, there was the big bang, and the universe was awash with a sea of energy. Then electro-magnetic particles learned how to survive in this sea of energy and became viable independent material entities. As life conditions became more complex, particles bonded with each other to form group structures—protons and neutrons—and these group structures cooperated with each other to form atoms. Atoms then learned how to become viable and independent, and as life conditions became more complex, they bonded to form molecules; then molecules cooperated with each other to form cells. Cells learned how to become viable and independent, and as life conditions became more complex, they bonded with each other to form organisms; then organisms cooperated with each other to form creatures. One of those creatures—Homo sapiens—is now learning how to become viable and independent, and, as life conditions have become more complex, we have been learning how to bond together in increasing larger group structures—tribes, city states, nations—and these group structures have been attempting to cooperate with each other through treaties and alliances in larger group structures such as NATO, United Nations, European Community, etc.

This is why I believe the United Kingdom is destined to become part of Europe. There is no stopping the evolution of consciousness. However, as we have seen, there may be setbacks. Setbacks occur when inequalities exist between the entities that are attempting to bond together to form a group structure (nation). That is why Brexit won. There are too many inequalities in the United Kingdom for it to be a cohesive nation. Enough people feel disenfranchised that they want nothing to do with Europe. Joining Europe did not work for them.

Consciousness in the UK

In 2012, my company measured the consciousness of the UK. We found a very high level of dysfunction—fear-driven consciousness. The level of cultural entropy was 59%. Because of the inequalities, there was very little cohesion in the nation. You can see the full results here. A referendum in France and Italy would most likely achieve the same result as Brexit because the levels of cultural entropy in those nations are even higher than in the UK. When Iceland went bankrupt, the level of cultural entropy was 54%. You can find out more here.

Brexit is a sign that we have to get our house in order. We must repair the inequalities in our nation so we can bond together to form a cohesive unit. Only then will we reach the level of consciousness that will enable us to take our place as an equal partner in Europe. It will happen, the question is, when?

Consciousness in the US

Now let me stick my neck out. Based on our measures of cultural entropy in the US, which were around 52% in 2009 and 2010, and the high level of inequality that exists in that country, I would say that Donald Trump will win the presidential election. Like the UK, the US needs to get its house in order to become a cohesive nation. Whoever taps into the concerns of the disenfranchised will win the US election, just as those who tapped into the concerns of the disenfranchised in the UK won the Brexit vote.

If you want to see a cohesive nation, look to Canada, Denmark or Bhutan where the levels of cultural entropy are 32%, 21% and 4% respectively.

The problem that most Western nations face is that we have not yet developed a form of democracy that is free from the influence of the elites—from the influence of the upper class “establishment” and global business leaders.

Until we restore equality in our nations, we will never be able to evolve because equality is fundamental for bonding and bonding is essential for the evolution of group consciousness. I suggest we look to the Nordic nations if we want to see equality in action.

Consciousness of the elites

Finally, let’s address the issue of poor political leadership. This article explains why, at least in Britain, the country is being run by a group of immature boys. If you don’t believe me watch how they behave in Parliamentary sessions—shouting, name calling, bullying, just what we expect from adolescents. We need to address this issue. We need leaders who can operate from the highest levels of consciousness—authentic individuals who are not afraid to enter into dialogue, and are willing to exhibit compassion and empathy for the poor, the sick and the disenfranchised. Until we care for those who cannot care for themselves, we will not become a cohesive or a civilized nation.

3 responses

  1. Richard, I agree completely with your analysis and I am hoping that we will find a way to stay in Europe rather than going through all of the disruption that leaving will cause. There are various scenario that do not trample on the democratic process. However, the main point is that those who have suffered the most are in my opinion looking in the wrong place to find those responsible for their problems. We know that immigration itself is not the problem; nor are immigrants. No one forced the government to bail out the banks and socialise risk. So many inefficiencies and incompetencies in our own institutions share the blame for the issues facing the UK today. However it is always easier to point the finger at the “other” rather than looking closer to home for the real causes of a countries’ problems. We have seen that over and over throughout history.

    It will be interesting to see whether a UK run by women will be any better. From the recent discussion of motherhood I am not convinced, but I am hopeful.

  2. We had one person in the US, Senator Bernie Sanders, who would have taken us in the direction we need to go, but because of “vote rigging” by the corporate elites he did not prevail. However, he has started a
    movement that is followed and backed by
    young voters voting for the first time,
    Independent voters, and disenfranchised
    Democrat voters. It will take time for us to turn the tide but I believe we will. Trump
    will be an utter disaster for the world.

  3. Hi Richard,

    My how the universe talks to me! Often through you or because of your lessons. My continued gratitude.

    As a police officer, I have been rocked by the events of Dallas specifically and America generally. Talk about cultural entropy and the need to get your house in order! Wow. They are, or seem to be, a country divided right now. Will Trump win? I really do not know and shudder to think what he would do to the world if he did. I wouldn’t trust him with the red button.
    I deal with the people of the city for a living. I see people, as atoms, in a heightened state of vibration more often than most people do because that’s when I am needed. When the atoms are in harmony or at rest I am usually not involved with them.

    Of course, alcohol aggravates people. Sometimes I have to deal with them, sometimes I don’t. I like to say that makes people become one of Disney’s Seven Dwarves: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, or Sneezy. So far my amusing hypothesis has been true. Doc, the know-it-all, is the one telling me what I can and cannot do as a policeman. Grumpy, well, he needs no explanation. He fights and gets into arguments and usually ends up arrested or in the Drunk Tank. Happy can turn into Grumpy, so you have to be careful. Sneezy throws everything up and is ill, sometimes to the point of needing a hospital. You get the idea. It’s an interesting thing. No person, no matter what they do for a living, no matter what elitist or poor status they occupy, is immune from the Seven Dwarf Theory!

    I have seen it over and again. Last night was no exception. I attended a house party for an elitist group of people in a very rich part of town. The house has to be worth north of 20 million dollars. The owner is one of Vancouver’s most prominent developer groups. There was security, limos, fancy dresses… Yet, when the police arrived for this ‘party out of control’ because drunk Dwarves were pouring onto the street and were almost getting hit by cars passing by, the elitist of Vancouver all carried their Dwarf characters in the most distinct ways. There were the lawyers who knew it all (Doc), the Grumps who stayed at the gate, hurled profanities at me and would not leave. Some Happier folk, many Dopey folk and so on. Slowly the best-of-us got into cabs, limos and with their drivers to leave. Slowly, the entitled did what all houses have to do – they shut it down.

    Sorry for the long reply. My point here is that Canada’s elite are also, as you suggest, “immature boys.” Or at least they were with a few drinks in them.

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