To be (in) or not to be (in)? That is the question.

To be in or to be out

To be in Europe or not to be in Europe that is the vexing question. Whether it is nobler to bond with those with whom we have fought and defended our liberties through two world wars, or with arrogance, neglecting our God given compassion and sense of human connectedness, take our separate ways, putting behind us the natural forces of human evolution, and by retiring into the shell of isolation, let the forces of darkness enfold us.

To give up our non-existent sovereignty seems like the height of delusion. In a world that for decades, if not centuries, has been on the stormy trajectory of increasing connection, sovereignty no longer has any place. Hanging on to what is disappearing is the madness of those who love and seek power. In our hearts, there is only one human race. Every time we wrap ourselves in the mantle of nationhood, we block the evolution of human consciousness and we unconsciously invite those who do not look or speak like us to become our aggressors.

The desire to embrace separation is the desire of a fear-driven ego: the desire to embrace connection is the desire of a love-driven soul. In Britain we made the decision to connect with our neighbours on the continent a long-time ago. We chose this direction quite freely and now there are those among us who because of their fear-driven self-interest wish to seek a divorce. The ability to with stand slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is the foundation of a solid relationship. Running away is the action of a coward. We are always stronger together than we are separate. Let us overcome our national beliefs and embrace our human values. Beliefs always divide and separate, values always connect and unite.

Let us not make this decision for ourselves but let us take into consideration the needs of future generations. The world is becoming increasingly global. Those who are not willing to embrace the highest possible vision for the human race will condemn those who are yet unborn to live in the backwaters of progress. The future for those who are afraid of connection and the unknown is stagnation and irrelevance.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I salute your views on Brexit. It is nice  articulation of your powerful and emotional thoughts. It is right that belief separates us and values connects us. This is quite revealing.

    Thanks for your regular update on your various activities. I am privileged to be connected with you. It is a great learning from your various posts.

    My best wishes .

    Thanks and regards, U.P.SINGH Sr.Manager, Corporate Sustainability Corporate Strategy & Planning E-mail : Desk : 0657-2145922 Mobile :  9234531271 “Sustainability is not a choice, It is an imperative”

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