The Metrics of Human Consciousness: Dialogue

On the 7th of October I recorded a seminar with Marc Gafni and Zak Stein from the Centre for Integral Wisdom discussing my new book The Metrics of Human Consciousness. The book will be published early in the new year. You can hear the discussion with Mark and Zak by clicking here.

Early in the seminar, Lesley Freeman, who introduces the speakers refers to a paper (the book) which you can find by clicking here.

Cover MHC

2 responses

  1. Just finished reading it. Fantastic! All the experiential knowledge from any devout seeker of Truth put into words, structured, and then further explained!

    Richard Barrett’s work and that of David Hawkins combines very well. Richard providing a solid pragmatic tool, a logical vessel of how Life/Existence evolves and can be measured and worked with to improve evolution of human consciousness, and David giving this beautiful insight into “personal frameworks/world-views” at many different levels of consciousness. These two authors are very complimentary!

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