The Metrics of Human Consciousness: Dialogue

On the 7th of October I recorded a seminar with Marc Gafni and Zak Stein from the Centre for Integral Wisdom discussing my new book The Metrics of Human Consciousness. The book will be published early in the new year. You can hear the discussion with Mark and Zak by clicking here.

Early in the seminar, Lesley Freeman, who introduces the speakers refers to a paper (the book) which you can find by clicking here.

Cover MHC

Helping more people make a difference

As part of our ongoing efforts to help more people make a difference, the Barrett Values Centre Fund was honoured to offer grants last May to five organisations to help further their cultural work.The recipients were quite diverse in their focus and approach, and yet each was clearly aligned with the Barrett Values Centre vision of creating a values-driven society.
Click here to see in their own words how the recipients of these funds are making a difference.