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  1. Much better definition! As a value inspires to act… whereas something to be held important doesn’t require action, but is merely a belief.

    Values cannot be action-less because the value always includes the embodying activity (which gives shape to the aspiration and intention of the individual). If the energetic container does not discharge (come about), then the value is useless and never evolved from “belief” to “value”…. a blue-print within the individual: belief. All beliefs when put into action, thus becoming values are tested against the all permeating field of consciousness. If the value isn’t expanding (nurturing oneness) then it is a limiting belief… if the value is destroying/diminishing the oneness, then it is a vice!

    This reminds me of:
    Wisdom without action is useless… Action without wisdom is foolishness…. Wisdom in Action is Divine.
    Wisdom in Action is recognized as people expressing higher values. (higher values referring to an increased level of consciousness).

    Maybe one might say “wisdom in action” = “values (minus of course limiting values) in action” = “love in action” = “service” hence the saying: “love all, serve all” from India.

    We may then add to the definition:
    “Values are the energetic containers of our aspirations and intentions, which directly reflect the level of coherency (positive connectedness) the individual experiences with his or her surroundings.”

    I love this stuff….. the importance of this for human evolution is so evident….

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