Praise for Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations

 My book, Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations: The Impact of the Evolution of Human Consciousness on World Affairs has been getting some excellent reviews.
LFDN Final
Here are a few of them:
By Ann Dinan,02-Oct-2012

Dog-earred, highlighted pages with notes written in the margin, is what you will have before you even begin Chapter 1. This book is elegantly simple and complex at the same time. The concept of viewing development from a human conciousness perspective rather than an economic perspective is simply brilliant. And extending that concept to the call for global governance based on a globally cohesive community of nations who develop a universal cultural of shared values is just what is needed in our world right now for sustainability! Everyone should read this book and embody the concepts in order to actualize the evolution of human consciousness!
By David Welbourn, 31-Aug-2012
My dearest wish would be to have Richard Barrett, on the basis of this book, conduct a week-long seminar attended by the world’s topmost politicians, business leaders and economists, with a small team of spiritual adepts acting as observer/commentators. With the theories of psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (of hierarchy of needs fame) as a basis, Richard Barrett presents his model of the seven levels of consciousness that human beings – as individuals, groups, societies and race – successively go through in the course of their evolution. Belonging to each level is its particular kind of human need (first come three types of ‘deficiency’ need, followed by the ‘growth needs’, each with its own form of consciousness of oneself, other people and the world and a matching set of behaviours (in turn, ‘me’ centred, ‘us’ centred, rising to ‘all people and the planet’ centred). Where Barrett makes his distinctive contribution is in the way in which, drawing on his extensive experience as a values consultant, he applies this theory to the development of nations and economies. I particularly valued his exposé of the inadequacies of most politicians (because of their insufficiently developed consciousness) in tackling the global problems we currently face. There could not be a more timely book than this, and it is highly recommended to all who are concerned about, and responsible for, creating a future in which we and the planet can thrive and develop to our full potential.

By Bill Veltrop, 23-Aug-2012

To paraphrase Dickens: It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. It is an age of rapidly accelerating consciousness and connectivity. We live in an age when we humans are causing the most rapid extinction of life since the time of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Richard Barrett’s Love, Fear & The Destiny Of Nations provides pioneering leaders throughout our planet with a puzzle piece that’s crucial to finding our way to a future that can work for all life. This book is a compelling, cogent, well-researched story of the relationship between the evolution of human consciousness, the nature of governance, and the wellbeing of life. Why do I believe Love, Fear & The Destiny Of Nations to be one of the most important books of our time? 1. I believe essentially all of our complex social systems (governance, education, healthcare, commerce, etc.) share three design flaws: Narrow and myopic definitions of success; Fear-based control over people/nature; Designed to resist systemic change. 2. The values/beliefs implicit in these three design flaws produce cultural patterns that keep us entrained in our disaster-trending `business as usual’ scenario. 3. Value Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) provide an ingenious and wonderfully pragmatic means for leaders not only to sense current systemic and personal values, but also surfaces values the members would ideally like to see for the social system they inhabit. CTT represents a major breakthrough in social systems feedback loops. 4. Most exciting of all is Barrett’s use (and value-adding enhancements) of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a broad conceptual framework for his CTT survey work. This wonderfully creative approach a) is consciousness expanding for all involved in the survey, b) provides the measures and a vocabulary that support leadership in taking steps that can multiply the system’s contribution to the wellbeing of all involved. BOTTOM LINE: I believe Barrett’s Love, Fear & the Destiny of Nations can provide committed leaders with a vision of dramatic new possibilities for the social systems they steward — a first step toward actualizing our destiny to go `Full Maslow’ and beyond. We manage to that which we measure. Barrett’s invented an elegant way to measure what’s really important to us. Enjoy the eye-opening learning journey this book provides.
By Ben, 18-Aug-2012
A must-read for anyone interested in conscious evolution on a global scale. Barrett has taken his Seven Levels of Consciousness theory to a new level by articulating a concise framework for understanding why we’re in the evolutionary stages we’re in as a species, and how to move the whole experiment forward in a healthy way. By taking his model to the scale of nations, he articulates in a compelling way the need for global governance. His approach honors the evolutionary journey of all nations, and gives us hope for a future where love overcomes fear as the dominant motivation of human endeavors.
By Rosemary Dewan,17-Aug-2012

This brilliant and timely exposition is not only a wake-up call but provides hope for everyone on the planet. The illuminating system for measuring and managing our consciousness offers an informed route map for our long-term survival. Volume 1 of “Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations” invites us to acknowledge that we cannot resolve with outdated thinking and flawed modes of operation, the fundamental and serious problems and issues that humanity is now facing. The patterns of human evolution expertly uncovered and the toolkit for guiding and developing our consciousness, individually and collectively, provide us with the confidence and potential for enlightened approaches to ensuring a more sustainable future for everything on our planet. This insightful and challenging, globally relevant book is a must for all established and aspiring leaders but particularly politicians and policy-makers. The well researched facts speak for themselves and highlight the urgent need for a courageous shift in direction so that with fewer crippling fears and within healthier democracies all of humanity can progress onto more promising pathways.
You can buy a copy by going to or (paper back and kindle editions).

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