Values-based Education: Singapore leading the way?

After my last blog on values-based education, Vincent Ho  sent me this link to a recent speech by the Minister of Education in Singapore (click here).  In my opinion, this is an amazing policy speech.  If you are involved in education, I recommend you read every word.

In the conclusion to this speech the Minister states:

Our student-centric, values-driven education, with a renewed focus on values and character development, and our goals of “every school a good school”, “every student an engaged learner”, “every teacher a caring educator”, and “every parent a supportive partner” have resonated well with students, parents and educators alike. We aim to give every child a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey. In other words, a more multi-dimensional education that goes beyond academics.

The underlying philosophy behind the changes we are making is that we recognize that each student is different, and we want to engage each and every one of them in ways that are meaningful and productive; through activities that challenge and stretch them. By enabling students to learn holistically and to find their interests, we hope they blossom as whole persons, finding personal fulfillment and contributing to our society. In the process, we aim to keep paths wide open, and create a virtuous cycle where the successful have empathy, and do their part for others.