Putting Your Money Where Your Values Are

Following on from my blog entitled “Greed at the Heart of the British Banking System?” I have to report on a bank that I believe is doing the right thing. ¬†This article (click here) describes what is happening at Triodos Bank in the UK.

Huw Davies, head of personal banking at Triodos Bank comments: “Our research is a clear call from consumers to the financial services sector to make more fundamental changes, and do so more quickly, if they are serious about getting back in touch with society and regaining consumer trust. There is a definite message here that the public wants a shift in what banks do and how they do it, which requires a deep-seated change in culture and values.”

“We talk a lot about the need for new and different banks in the UK; this is important, but less so than the need for new bankers who are motivated not only by personal wealth, but by serving society and doing the right thing.”

“At Triodos Bank, our savers will always know exactly how we are using their money, and that it is only financing organisations delivering a positive environmental, social or cultural impact. Saving in a Triodos Bank ISA not only means you get a decent financial return, but also peace of mind that the money you are saving is making a positive difference to people, society, and the environment.”

Congratulations to Triodos for bringing transparency to banking.